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Issue 17 | Year 7 | NOVEMBRE 2017


Young people and companies get together over two days dedicated to service design

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6 teams of students and young professionals, 3 digital product and services companies, 2 days of design and testing, 1 winning team.  The UX Challenge (User eXperience Challenge) is an initiative of the Trento Innovation Hub, aimed at letting companies in the Trentino area test and improve the quality of their digital products and services, and run in collaboration with the Fondazione Bruno Kessler research institute, the University of Trento, the Trentino development agency Trentino Sviluppo, the Pavonian Artigianelli Institute for the Graphic Arts, and the Trento industrial federation Confindustria Trento. 

The format will be that of a hackathon on topics related to service design. Over the two days, Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December, students and young professionals will work with experts in User eXperience to improve the utility and usability of mobile applications, web apps and software.
Participating in the UX Challenge will be three digital companies, and students and ex-students of the University of Trento and the Pavonian Artigianelli Institute for the Graphic Arts. 

The students will be trained in the methodologies to use and organised in teams of “solvers”. The teams will have two days to test and improve the User Experience of the selected products, and to design new mockups of the digital interface or new functionalities.  

The companies selected will receive a slide deck that will highlight problems and suggestions for improving the products. The companies will participate in the most important stages of the Challenge, and will be able to closely follow the work of the solvers. For information: