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Issue 16 | Year 7 | FEBRUARY 2017

Photo by Nicola Eccher, Festival Economia Archives Photograph Collection.



Health inequality is the theme of the Festival of Economics 2017. In Trento from 1 to 4 June.

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Health inequality is the theme of the Festival of Economics 2017. In Trento from 1 to 4 June.

“Health inequality” is the theme of the Festival of Economics that will take place in Trento from 1 to 4 June. “The differences in people’s health and life expectancy – writes Tito Boeri, scientific director of the Festival – are sometimes even more marked than differences in income levels. There are cultural, environmental, social, and labour-related factors that have a profound effect on living conditions, diet, and prevention of disease.  And the most effective therapies for some diseases are often too expensive for even fhe most generous national health system.”  Now in its 12th edition, the Festival of Economics has become an important event nationally (and more widely) that has an increasingly large audience, including many young people, as the rector Paolo Collini underlines. “The university is a place of debate and so the Festival has always been a great occasion for us, and attracts young people from all over Italy, as we can see from the data from the last few years. The topic of health and its sustainability is of great social and economic importance and will be a topic of significant interest in the future.”  In dialogue with the audience will be economists, scientists and experts from every part of the world.  Already announced as participants are Alvin Eliot Roth, Nobel prizewinner for Economics in 2012, and Michael Marmot, one of the founders of social epidemiology. The Festival is promoted by the Autonomous Province, city council, and University of Trento, and planned by the publishing house Editori Laterza. Further information and the programme will be available on