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Issue 15 | Year 6 | July 2016

Javier Bosch – founder of Nothingbutnet, photo by Roberto Bernardinatti, University Archives Photograph Collection



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With a degree in biology and a career in the medical industry, Javier Bosch – founder of Nothingbutnet – had nothing to complain about. But after 13 years in the sector he decided to “shake things up a bit”. He quit the “perfect” job and founded Nothingbutnet, a startup where he could use his skills to give added value to his passion for sport.

We met up with him in Trento at the Global Sport Innovation Competition, where his startup won the European finals, and the opportunity to present their project to an audience of entrepreneurs and investors at the 2016 Rio Olympics. “I love basketball, and that’s where it all started”, explains Javier. The startup leverages technology to help improve the sport of basketball from the bottom up, so that small teams can gain some economic benefit from the data they have. In addition, the project “will help trainers and teams to make decisions in real time, to play better, and to win more games.”

Javier, 35, is one of the older members of the team, which has an average age of around 27. On the prize he commented: “For us it’s very important. At the beginning of a startup you need this kind of support to go on, because the initial phase is very difficult, and this will help us find new investors. It will make us stronger as a team. We’re very happy. Competitions like this really help innovation and entrepreneurship”